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My tweets [Nov. 30th, 2012|12:00 pm]

  • Thu, 15:45: planned swim since 12,yet to leave.not that much fun on ur own. leaving just after 4pm maybe @PatiiFag or @AmyEBarrow will join me later
  • Thu, 16:24: so awesome! Tegan looks so sexy and Sara is so adorable when she tries to dance http://t.co/XZK0FBmN
  • Fri, 04:44: I forgot to go to bed again, oops...too busy scheming for my 2 year anniversary. weeeeeeeee :D
  • Fri, 05:05: More scheming planned when I wake up at midday...oops!
  • Fri, 05:05: Ahhh air con, I love ya!